Summary of circulation

The design requirement of the internal high-tech architecture of convective flux aggregation is not only due to the shortcomings of the technology in the market, but also because people are eager to eliminate the risks caused by STP / NDD agent mode, so as to avoid the concentration of all companies' transaction volume in one circulation provider. As we all know, the highly decentralized money market enables the largest market makers to customize resources with different algorithms, which in turn forces brokers who profit from resale circulation to create their own technology and automatically search for better prices to provide to end consumers.

Trifintech has been committed to the development of the flow aggregator since its launch. The modular structure of the system can not only link the circulation of ECN platform, banks, large market makers and institutional brokers with a single channel, but also improve the quality of executing trading orders to a new level. In the final analysis, this is the technical equipment provided by a large number of suppliers in the field of liquidity aggregation, forming the competitive advantage of foreign exchange brokers. In this way, the development of innovation greatly improves the development potential of agency programs, enabling companies to execute orders quickly, provide narrow price differentials, low slip points for traders, and rarely reject orders.

Trifintech customers have the opportunity to significantly improve their trading results with trading credits that can be used as collateral for trading and the benefits of bonus schemes. Coupled with the transparent policy of customer order execution (the positive and negative sliding points are consistent), the aggregator model stands out and becomes an integral part of the company's business logic, enabling the company to compete with major suppliers in the foreign exchange market. Finally, by integrating aggregator model with meta Trader 4 platform, STP / NDD technology is developed, which not only creates a prerequisite for improving trading conditions, but also creates a comfortable environment for traders.

Flow aggregation scheme