Customer capital security

Financial guarantee for technical errors

It is not a secret that foreign exchange brokers often encounter technical failures, which are caused by many factors. Considering that foreign exchange itself is a complex market with stable income, the possibility of loss related to technical risk is unacceptable to traders.

Trifintech is one of the few companies that can provide clients with financial security guarantees in respect of a technical failure of a transaction server.In this regard, whether the communication channel of the data center where the transaction server is located fails, or the technical problems of the counterparty, or other problems.However, each case will be considered separately and the company will act in accordance with the general rules, will not transfer responsibility to the technology provider or the liquidity provider and will be implemented as an entity responsible to the customer.

In the end, Trifintech tends to protect a trader from all the negative factors that could affect his / her trading.However, despite the special attention paid to software and technical equipment, due to the nature of information technology, the company cannot guarantee that there is no technical failure on its transaction server or the other party.However, it can be guaranteed that each customer who suffers from such failure will be fully compensated for his / her loss.

Separation of customer funds

Trifintech uses a generally accepted mechanism for allocating clients and their own funds to bank accounts.The use of this model is not only a mandatory requirement set by financial regulators, but also an overall means to protect investors from broker bankruptcy.

Under no circumstances shall the company use client funds from specific bank accounts for business activities.In addition, in order to support unconditional solvency, Trifintech will not transfer clients' funds to the liquidity provider's account and will use its own funds to enforce the counterparty's margin requirements when delivering clients' orders to the market.

In addition, the company does not deposit the digital currency in the wallet of the customer's fund payment system.In order to ensure security, funds deposited in this way will be transferred to separate bank accounts and thus losses can be avoided in the event of the insolvency of the electronic payment system.

You can't afford to lose.Before you start trading, make sure you are fully aware of the risks associated with such activities.